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Proceedings of AISB'14


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The Reign of Catz & Dogz; The Second AISB symposium on the role of virtual creatures in a computerised society

Affective Language in Human and Machine

Persuasive Technology

Behaviour Regulation in Multi-agent Systems

Brain Computer Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

Agent cognitive ability and orders of emergence

Style in text: creative generation and identification of authorship (Half day)

Intelligent Agents and Services for Smart Environments

Logic and the Simulation of Interaction and Reasoning

Multimodal Output Generation (MOG 2008)

Swarm Intelligence Algorithms and Applications

Computing and Philosophy


Table of Contents

Proceedings of AISB'07 (57 MB)


Proceedings of AISB'06: Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems - Volume 1

Proceedings of AISB'06: Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems - Volume 2

Proceedings of AISB'06: Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems - Volume 3


Second International Symposium on the Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication (EELC'05)

Agents that Want and Like: Motivational and Emotional Roots of Cognition and Action

Third Interanional Symposium on Imitation in Animals and Artifacts

Robotics, Mechatronics and Animatronics in the Creative and Entertainment Industries and Arts

Robot Companions: Hard Problems and Open Challenges in Robot-Human Interaction

Conversational Informatics for Supporting Social Intelligence and Interaction: Situational and Environmental Information Enforcing

Next Generation approaches to Machine Consciousness: Imagination, Development, Intersubjectivity and Embodiment

Normative Multi-Agent Systems

Socially Inspired Computing Joint Symposium: Memetic Theory in Artificial Systems and Societies, Emerging Artificial Societies, Engineering with Social Metaphors

Joint Symposium on Virtual Social Agents: Social Presence Cues for Virtual Humanoids, Empathic Interaction with Synthetic Characters, Mind Minding Agents


Fourth Symposium on Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS-4)

Symposium on Emotion, Cognition, and Affective Computing

Symposium on Gesture Interfaces for Multimedia Systems

Symposium on Immune System and Cognition (ImmCog-2004)

Symposium on Language, Speech and Gesture for Expressive Characters


Proceedings of the AISB 2003.


Second Symposium on Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS-II)

The 9th Workshop on Automated Reasoning

AI and Creativity in Arts and Science

AI and GRID Computing

Animating Expressive Characters for Social Interactions

Intelligent Agents in Virutal Markets


Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and (Quasi-)Human Rights

Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics

Starting from Society: The Application of Social Analogies to Computational Systems

AI Planning and Intelligent Agents

Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning

Designing a Functioning Mind

Creative and Cultural Aspects of AI and Cognitive Science

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