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CALL FOR PAPERS: 5th Workshop on Philosophical Logic, 23-25 Nov 2016, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (DEADLINE: 25:09:2016)

CALL FOR SHORT PAPERS:Artificial Intelligence, , 7-9 Dec 2016, Chiang Mai, THAILAND (DEADLINE: 08:09:2016)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 9th International Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition Reuse & Evaluation, Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2016 - Naples, ITALY (DEADLINE: 06:09:2016)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 10th Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, 28-29 Jan 2017, Cambridge (U.K.) (DEADLINE: 21:10:2016)
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ANNOUNCEMENT: CANCELLATION - Machine as Mirror, 6th Sep 2016, Leicester, UK

CALL FOR POSTERS: 4th International Conference on Statistical Language and Speech Processing, Oct 11-12, 2016. Pilsen, CZECH REPUBLIC (DEADLINE: 04:09:2016)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Experimental evaluations of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion, 28 Nov - 1 Dec 2016, Genova, ITALY (DEADLINE: 08:09:2016)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: EvoMusArt 2017: Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design, 19-21 Apr 2017, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 01:11:2016)

CALL FOR WORKSHOPS & MINI-SYMPOSIA: SIAM Conference on Data Mining, April 27 - April 29, 2017, Houston, Texas, USA (DEADLINE: 08:10:2016)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION "Rational animals", 4-6 Oct 2016, Bochum, GERMANY
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Cognitive Computation: Integrating Neural and Symbolic Approaches, 9 Dec 2016, Barcelona, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 10:10:2016)
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PRESS RELEASE: 7th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, 29-31 July 2017, Madrid, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 13:03:2017)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 34th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science March 8-11, 2017, Hannover, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 25:09:2016)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: 2nd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 29th Sep - 2nd Oc 2016, Berlin, GERMANY
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning, 28 Nov 2016, Genova, ITALY-EXTENDED DEADLINE (DEADLINE: 22:09:2016)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Certified Programs and Proofs, 16-17 Jan 2017, Paris, FRANCE (DEADLINE: 05:10:2016)

CALL FOR PAPERS: British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference, 25-27 Jan 2017, Leeds, UK

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Forum for AI Research Students 2016, Dec 12th 2016, Cambridge, UK (DEADLINE: 05:12:2016)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Logic and Literary Form, 14-15 Apr 2017, Berkeley CA (U.S.A.)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: EUCog 2016, “Cognitive Robot Architectures”, Dec 8th-9th, 2016, Vienna, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 01:10:2016)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Language and Automata Theory and Applications, 6-10 Mar 2017, Umea, SWEDEN (DEADLINE: 21:10:2016)
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Opportunities Bulletin

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Associate Professorship in Theoretical Philosophy, Oslo, NORWAY (DEADLINE: 21:09:2016)

Two PhD student positions in theoretical philosophy, Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 14:09:2016)
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PhD student position in information assurance, Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG (DEADLINE: 07:10:2016)
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Lecturer position in Algorithms and Complexity, Leeds, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 18:09:2016)

Research Fellowship in Historical and Philosophical Studies, Cambridge, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 30:09:2016)
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Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship (philosophy included as eligible subject), Cambridge, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 27:10:2016)
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Newton Advanced Fellowships for researchers from Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa to visit the U.K (DEADLINE: 14:09:2016)
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2016 Autumn School on Computational Logic, 16-17 Oct 2016, New York NY (U.S.A.)
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Postdoctoral position (research assistantship) in "The Evolution of Linguistic Complexity", Edinburgh, SCOTLAND (DEADLINE: 13:10:2016)

Tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Fundamental Mathematics, Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 16:10:2016)

Postdoctoral position in proof theory, Vienna, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 21:10:2016)

Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowships at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, Berkeley CA (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 15:12:2016)
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PhD student positions in mathematics (including logic), Helsinki, FINLAND
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Spring School on "Social Cognition, Emotion and Joint Action" 2017, 6-10 Mar 2017, Bochum, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:11:2016)
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COURSE on Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies, 21 - 22 November 2016, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
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