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CALL FOR PAPERS: 3rd Symposium on Re-conceptualizing Mental "Illness", AISB-15, 20th-22nd April 2015, Canterbury, UK (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 4th International Symposium on New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction, AISB 2015, 20-22 April 2015, Canterbury, UK (DEADLINE: 12:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: "Computational Game Creativity: the Last AI Frontier?", 8th Dec 2014, Goldsmiths, London, UK

CALL FOR PAPERS: Formal Methods, 22-26 Jun 2015, Oslo, NORWAY (DEADLINE: 02:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2015: Evolving Computability, June 29 - July 3,Bucharest, ROMANI (DEADLINE: 11:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Developments in Implicit Computational Complexity, 12 Apr 2015, London, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 30:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Logics for Resource-Bounded Agents, 3-14 Aug 2015, Barcelona, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 15:02:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications, 1-3 Jul 2015, Warsaw, POLAND (DEADLINE: 30:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Tools for Teaching Logic, 9-12 Jun 2015, Rennes, FRANCE (DEADLINE: 30:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 8th AISB Symposium on Computing and Philosophy: "The Significance of Metaphor and Other Figurative Modes of Expression and Thought", AISB 2015, 20-22 April 2015, Canterbury, UK (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: AISB 2015 AI & Games Symposium (DEADLINE: 19:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: CiE 2015: Evolving Computability 29 Jun - 3 Jul 2015 Bucharest, ROMANIA (DEADLINE: 11:01:2015)
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2nd CALL FOR PAPERS: The Sixth International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), June 29 - July 2, 2015,Park City, Utah, USA (DEADLINE: 28:02:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, 17-19 May 2015, St. Louis MO (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: EPSA 2015, 23-26 Sep 2015, Duesseldorf, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)
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2nd CALL FOR PAPERS: AISB 2015 Symposium on Computational Creativity, April 20-22 2015, Canterbury, Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Young Researchers' Conference Frontiers of Formal Methods in Computer Science, 25-27 Feb 2015 Aachen, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 31:12:2014)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION AND APPLICATIONS:Wadge theory and automata, 28 Jan 2015, Turin, ITALY (DEADLINE: 09:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: "Competing Foundations", 12-13 Jan 2015, London (U.K.)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 22nd Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation, July 20th-23rd, 2015, Bloomington, IN, USA (DEADLINE: 08:02:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Intelligent Computer Mathematics, 13-17 Jul 2015, Washington DC (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 16:02:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: "Truth and Grounds", 24-29 May 2015, Monte Verita/Ascona, SWITZERLAND (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Application of Natural Language to Information Systems, 17-19 Jun 2015, Passau, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 31:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge, 4-6 Jun 2015, Pittsburgh PA (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 20:02:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Second Symposium on Embodied Cognition, Acting and Performance, at AISB-2015, 20-22nd April 2015, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK (DEADLINE: 22:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Social Aspects of Cognition and Computing Symposium, AISB, April 2015, Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS; 8th AISB Symposium on Computing and Philosophy (Metaphor), 20-22 April 2015, Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference on Machine Learning 2015, July 6-11, 2015, Lille, FRANCE (DEADLINE: 06:02:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 20th Conference on Formal Grammar, August 8-9, 2015, Barcelona, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 22:02:2015)
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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS AND PARTICIPATION: PhDs in Logic VII, 14-16 May 2015, Vienna, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 12:02:2015)
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Opportunities Bulletin

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Two-year postdoctoral position in "The genesis of mathematical knowledge", Seville, SPAIN

Call for scholarship applications and European Master's Program of Computational Logic, ITALY/GERMANY/PORTUGAL/AUSTRIA

MSc in Logic programme, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 01:02:2015)
more details:

CALL FOR APPLCIATIONS: "The Computational Turn: Simulation in Science", 6-17 Jul 2015, Vienna, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 31:01:2015)
more details:,

PhD student opportunities in philosophy (including logic), Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

Postdoctoral and visiting fellowships in philosophy of science, Pittsburgh PA (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

Postdoctoral position on "Ontology after Quine", Hamburg, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 31:01:2015)
more details:

2014 Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award of the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems

Assistant professorship in philosophy of mind, Bochum, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

Two PhD student / postdoctoral positions in Formal Semantics & Logic, Delft, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

10 Fully-Funded PhD Studentships School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, UK (DEADLINE: 14:01:2015)
more details:

Funding for M.A. in Philosophy, Durham, UK (DEADLINE: 16:01:2015)

Postdoctoral position in computational complexity, Stockholm, SWEDEN (DEADLINE: 25:01:2015)
more details:

PhD student positions in mathematics and theoretical computer science, Bath (U.K.), (DEADLINE: 28:02:2015)

PhD studentships in Computer Science, Nottingham (U.K.) (DEADLINE: 14:01:2015)
more details:

Up to 25 funded PhD Studentships in the Dept of Computing, Imperial College London, UK
more details:

Postdoctoral position in logic and game theory ("Reasoning about computational economies"), Oxford (U.K.) (DEADLINE: 12:01:2015)
more details:

PhD funding in philosophy, Birmingham City University, UK (DEADLINE: 14:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue of the Journal of Applied Logic (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)
more details:

PhD student position in dependent type theory, Brighton, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 23:02:2015)
more details:

Temporary teaching associateship in philosophy (teaching needs: logic and philosophy of mathematics), Cambridge, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 19:01:2015)
more details:

Research Fellow (PhD/PostDoc) in Risks of Digital DIY Manufacturing, Anatolia College/ACT, Thessaloniki, GREECE (DEADLINE: 15:09:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue on "automated verification of programs and web systems" (DEADLINE: 25:02:2015)

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