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CALL FOR PAPERS: Agent-Based Models and Computer Simulation in Organisational Behaviour@EURAM '15, 17-20 June, Warsaw, POLAND (DEADLINE: 13:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, June 20-30, 2015, Istanbul, TURKEY (DEADLINE: 15:11:2014)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Workshop on Correlated Information Change, 24-26 Nov 2014, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Computing seminar: "A Blackboard System for Generating Poetry" - 12th Nov, Goldsmiths, London, UK

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: "Logic in Kant's Wake", 6-7 Jan 2015, Hamilton ON, CANADA

CALL FOR PAPERS: Computability in Europe, 29 Jun - 3 Jul 2015, Bucharest, ROMANI (DEADLINE: 11:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Artificial Intelligence, 25 Jul - 1 Aug 2015, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (DEADLINE: 08:02:2015)
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CALL FOR SYMPOSIA: European Association for Philosophy of Science, 23-26 Sep 2015, Duesseldorf, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Mathematics of Program Construction, 29 Jun to 1 Jul 2015, Koenigswinter, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 26:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: "The idea of logic: Historical Perspectives", 25-30 Jun 2015, Istanbul, TURKEY (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 4th International Symposium on New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction: a two-day symposium at AISB 2015, 20th – 22nd April 2015, University of Canterbury, Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 12:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Logic Now And Then, 5-6 Feb 2015, Brussels, BELGIUM (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Modality in natural languages, 22-23 Nov 2014, Leeds, ENGLAND
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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Logic and Information, 25-30 Jun 2015, Istanbul, TURKEY (DEADLINE: 22:11:2014)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Social Aspects of Cognition and Computing Symposium, AISB, 20-22nd April 2015, Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 8th AISB Symposium on Computing and Philosophy:The Significance of Metaphor and Other Figurative Modes of Expression and Thought, 20-22nd April 2015, Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Lecture - Paul Standish, 'Sentenced By Our Words' 27 Nov 2014, St. Mary’s University, London, UK

CALL FOR PAPERS: Updating the anti-representation debate: behavior-oriented perspectives, AISB'15 symposium, 20-22 April 2015,University of Kent, Canterbury, UK (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)
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more details:

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Agent-based Modeling in Philosophy, 11-13 Dec 2014, Munich, GERMANY
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 16th Workshop on the Roots of Pragmasemantics, 20-23 Feb 2015, Szklarska Poreba, POLAND (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, June 20-30, 2015, Istanbul, TURKEY (DEADLINE: 05:12:2014)
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CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS: Satisfiability Testing, 24-27 Sep 2015, Austin TX (U.S.A.), (DEADLINE: 25:01:2015)
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Opportunities Bulletin

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Funded PhD Project: Incorporating self-evaluation into computational creativity systems, University of Kent, UK (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)
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PhD student position on "The Evolution of Unpopular Norms and Bullying", Munich, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 20:11:2014)

Tenure-track position in mathematics (open), Las Cruces NM (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 15:11:2014)
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Chevening-Durham MA Scholarships for Master's studies in philosophy, Durham, UK (DEADLINE: 15:11:2014)

PhD funding in philosophy, Aberdeen, SCOTLAND

Postdoctoral position in parametrized complexity, Budapest, HUNGARY (DEADLINE: 15:11:2014)

Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme (all disciplines) (DEADLINE: 27:11:2014)
more details:

Tenure track position in philosophy (female candidates), Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)
more details:

Postdoctoral position in quantum computing, Paris, FRANCE (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)

Postdoctoral position in computer science, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND (DEADLINE: 27:11:2014)
more details:,

Faculty positions in theoretical computer science, Urbana-Champaign IL (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)
more details:

Visiting Fellowship in Mathematical Philosophy, Munich, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:02:2015)

Tenure-track position in theoretical computer science, Salt Lake City UT (U.S.A.)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue of Kuenstliche Intelligenz Journal on "Higher-Level Cognition and Computation" (DEADLINE: 19:12:2014)
more details: >

Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow in Serious Gaming, Exeter, UK
more details:

PhD student position in philosophy of mathematics, Konstanz, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 17:12:2014)

Visiting Fellowships in Logic, General Ethics and Philosophy of Science, Tilburg, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

Winter School on Paradoxes and Dilemmas, 26-27 Jan 2015, Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)
more details:

PhD funding in philosophy, Bristol, UK (DEADLINE: 12:01:2015)

2015/16 Herman Goldstine Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowshop (in algorithms), Yorktown NY (U.S.A.), (DEADLINE: 16:01:2015)
more details:

Junior Professorship (W1) in Computational Linguistics, Stuttgart, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

Postdoctoral positions in algorithms, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Berkeley CA (Israel & U.S.A.), (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

Assistant Professorship in Cognitive Science, Los Angeles CA (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 05:12:2014)

Assistant Professorship (non-tenure track, 3+3y) in Philosophy of Mind, Language or Cognition, Bochum, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

Three-year fellowship in philosophy at St Hugh's College, Oxford, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 09:02:2015)
more details:

Teorema Essay Prize 2014 for Young Scholars: "Belief without Evidence" (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)

Postdoctoral position (2y) in security verification, Munich, GERMANY

Visiting Assistant Professorship (1y) teaching logic, Schenectady NY (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 15:01:2015)

PhD student position on "Anti-Mathematicism in Philosophy", Gent, BELGIUM (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

PhD student positions and postdoctoral positions in mathematics, Hamburg, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)
more details:

PhD student positions in computer science, Oxford, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 09:01:2015)
more details:

PhD positions in Logical Methods in Computer Science, Wien/Graz/Linz, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 01:12:2014)
more details:

Postdoctoral position in set theory, Singapore, SINGAPORE

Full Professorship in Theoretical Philosophy, Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 05:01:2015)

PhD student position in computability theory, Greifswald, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:12:2014)

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