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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Computational Neurodynamics Seminar "Dynamics of Neuronal Populations in Auditory Cortex", 9th Nov 2011, LONDON

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Beyond AI: Interdisciplinary Aspects of Artificial Intelligence, 8-9 Dec 2011, CZECH REPUBLIC (DEADLINE: 30:10:2011)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 4WPI: Fourth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information, 10-11 May 2012, UK

CALL FOR PAPERS: "Nothing but the Truth": 1st WFAP Graduate Conference, 9-11 Mar 2012, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 15:12:2011)
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FINAL CALL: Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 4-8 June 2012, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 09:11:2011)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: 'Real AI 2011', Dec 15th 2011, Cambridge

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: PhDs in Logic IV conference, 12-13 April 2012, BELGIUM (DEADLINE: 15:01:2012)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Game Theory, Operations Research and their Applications, 3-7 Jan 2012, INDIA (DEADLINE: 25:11:2011)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Logics, Agents and Mobility, 25-26 June 2012, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 20:03:2012)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Non-Monotonic Reasoning, 8-10 June 2012, ITALY (DEADLINE: 28:02:2012)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Machine Learning , June 26-July 1 2012, SCOTLAND (DEADLINE: 10:02:2011)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Free one-day event for AI Research Students, Dec12, 2011, Cambridge, UK (DEADLINE: 28:11:2011)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Lecture Series Recanati: "Language & Thought", Bochum (GERMANY), 18 Nov, 16 Dec 2011; 13 Jan 2012

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: AI-2011, 13th-15th Dec2011, Cambridge, UK,

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Computational Neurodynamics Seminar, "Neural field models", Wed 23rd Nov 2011, Imperial College, LONDON

CALL FOR PAPERS: Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems, July 11-14, 2012, CHINA (DEADLINE: 01:01:2012)
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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: "Two ways of seeing colours", 23rd Nov 2011, Goldsmiths College, LONDON (DEADLINE: 18:11:2011)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Fixed Points in Computer Science, 24 March 2012, ESTONIA (DEADLINE: 04:12:2011)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: 4th Copenhagen-Lund Workshop on Social Epistemology, 9-10 Dec 2011, SWEDEN (DEADLINE: 09:09:2011)

CALL FOR PAPERS: 4WPI: Fourth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information, 10-11 May 2012, Hatfield, UK

CALL FOR CONFERENCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: 3rd Postgraduate Conference for Computing: Applications and Theory, 6th June, 2012, UK

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: "The Epistemology of Modality", 23-24 Feb 2012, Cologne, GERMANY

1st CALL FOR PAPERS: Workshop on Termination, 19-23 Feb 2012, Obergurgl, AUSTRIA (DEADLINE: 18:12:2011)
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2nd CALL FOR PAPERS: Pattern Formation: The inspiration of Alan Turing, 14-16 Mar 2012, Oxford (U.K.) (DEADLINE: 01:12:2011)
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2nd CALL FOR PAPERS: Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science, 31 Mar - 1 April 2012, Tallinn, ESTONIA (DEADLINE: 04:01:2012)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Diagrams 2012 Graduate Student Symposium, 2-6 July 2012, Canterbury (U.K.), (DEADLINE: 29:03:2012)
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Sixth Workshop in Decisions, Games and Logic, 28-30 June 2012, Muenchen, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 01:02:2012)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science, 26-28 June 2012, Jerusalem, ISRAEL (DEADLINE: 02:03:2012)
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Opportunities Bulletin

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University Lectureship in Formal and Philosophical Logic, UK (DEADLINE: 24:11:2011)

Scientific Junior Researchers positions related to logic, formal methods and ontologies, GERMANY
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Two PhD student positions (including formal epistemology or logic),THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 16:11:2011)
more details:

PhD studentship in Social Robotics for Robot Home Companions (University of Hertfordshire), UK (DEADLINE: 14:11:2011)

PhD studentships at the University of Nottingham (DEADLINE: 18:01:2012)

W3 Professorship in Theoretical Philosophy, Konstanz (Germany) (DEADLINE: 30:11:2011)

more details:

Research Fellow position, University of Birmingham, UK (DEADLINE: 30:11:2011)
more details:

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Presburger Award for Young Scientists in theoretical computer science (DEADLINE: 31:12:2011)
more details:

Lectureship in Mathematical and Philosophical Logic, Bristol (UK) (DEADLINE: 05:12:2011)
more details:

Postdoctoral fellowship in theoretical computer science (algorithmic game theory), New York NY (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 10:12:2011)

Two Postdoctoral positions in digital humanities, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
more details:

Tenure-track position in algorithms, Corvallis OR (U.S.A.)
more details:

PhD scholarships in "Methods for Discrete Structures", Berlin (Germany) (DEADLINE: 31:12:2011)

PhD student position in "Understanding the hardness of theorem proving", Stockholm (Sweden) (DEADLINE: 20:01:2012)

NSF grants for attending the MAMLS in memory of Alan Turing, 13-15 Jan 2012, U.S.A.

Postdoctoral positions in stochastic model checking, Rennes (France)

Research Assistant position in applications of automated theorem proving to economics, Birmingham (U.K.) (DEADLINE: 30:11:2011)
more details:

Goldstine Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship in mathematical and computer sciences, Yorktown Heights NY (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 08:01:2012)

Winter School Section Set Theory and Set-Theoretic Topology, 28 Jan - 4 Feb 2012, CZECH REPUBLIC

MSc scholarships in philosophy, logic and scientific method, London (U.K.)

Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter, UK (DEADLINE: 02:12:2011)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issues of 'Logic and Logical Philosophy' on point-free geometry and topology

European Master's Program in Computational Logic: Bolzano, Dresden, Lisbon, Vienna
more details:

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theory of Computing, Cambridge MA (U.S.A.) (DEADLINE: 06:01:2012)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Indian School on Logic and Applications, 9-20 Jan 2012, INDIA

W2 Professorship in Theoretical Philosophy, Duesseldorf, GERMANY (DEADLINE: 15:12:2011)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web, 8-14 July, 2012, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 31:03:2012)
more details:

FINAL INVITATION TO REGISTER: AI-2011, Dec 13th-15th 2011, Cambridge (UK,)
more details:

Master's in Pure and Applied Logic, Barcelona , SPAIN

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AISB Committee membership 2012

New edited collection, "Modelling Natural Action Selection", 2011, Cambridge UP

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