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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: AISB 2017, 19-21 April 2017, Bath, UK
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: International Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms, 8 or 9 May 2017, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL (DEADLINE: 07:02:2017)
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CALL FOR PARTITIPATION: Philosophy and the Semantics of 'I', 2-3 Dec 2016, Freiburg, GERMANY
more details:

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Intensionality and Truth, 3-4 Dec 2016, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science, 20-23 Jun 2017, Bologna, ITALY (DEADLINE: 17:01:2017)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic, 20-30 Jun 2017, Prague & Olomouc, CZECH REPUBLIC (DEADLINE: 28:02:2017)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Creativity & Intelligence in Brains and Machines, 10-17 Mar 2017, Guenne am Moehnesee, GERMANY
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Proofs of Propositions in 14th Century Logic, 23-25 May 2017, St Andrews, SCOTLAND (DEADLINE: 16:01:2017)
more details:

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Provability & Modal Logic, 15 Dec 2016 , Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS (DEADLINE: 09:12:2016)
more details:

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Model Theory: Philosophy, Mathematics and Language, 9-12 Jan 2017, Munich, GERMANY
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Language, cognition, and computation, AISB 2017, 19-21 April 2017, Bath, UK (DEADLINE: 12:12:2016)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Causal Reasoning for Embedded and Safety-critical systems technologies, 29 Apr 2017, Uppsala, SWEDEN (DEADLINE: 27:01:2017)
more details:

1st CALL FOR TUTORIALS: 19th European Agent Systems Summer School, 7-11 August 2017, University of GdaƄsk, POLAND (DEADLINE: 10:03:2017)
more details:

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, 2-5 Jan 2017, Manipal, INDIA (DEADLINE: 20:12:2016)

CALL FOR PAPERS: Logic, Relativity, and Beyond, 18-22 Jul 2017, Budapest, HUNGARY (DEADLINE: 26:02:2017)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2nd World Congress on Analogy, 24-26 May 2017, Poznan, POLAND (DEADLINE: 15:12:2016)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Cognitive Modelling and Computational Linguistics, 3 or 4 Apr 2017, Valencia, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 16:01:2017)
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems, 7-9 Jun 2017, Milano, ITALY (DEADLINE: 08:02:2017)

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Postdoctoral position (6y) in systematic analytic philosophy, Bielefeld, GERMANY

Postdoctoral position in logic, Barcelona, SPAIN (DEADLINE: 08:01:2017)
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2017 Essay Prize of the Metaphysics of Entanglement Project: "What is Structure?", University of Oxford (DEADLINE: 16:12:2016)

Lectureships and Senior Lectureships in Artificial Intelligence, London, ENGLAND (DEADLINE: 16:01:2017)
more details:

PhD student position in parameterised complexity, Nijmegen, THE NETHERLANDS
more details:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue of TPLP on "Parallel and Distributed Computation in (Constraint) Logic Programming (DEADLINE: 30:01:2017)

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