Loebner Prize 2014

Loebner Prize 2014 @ Bletchley Park


The Loebner Prize is the oldest Turing Test contest, started in 1991 by Hugh Loebner and the Cambridge Centre for Behavioural studies. Since then, a number of institutions across the globe have hosted the competition including recently, the Universities of Reading, Exeter and Ulster. In 2014, the contest will be run under the aegis of the AISB, the world’s first AI society (founded 1964) at Bletchley Park where Alan Turing worked as a code-breaker during World War 2.

The Contest

The 2014 contest will run in a similar way to those in previous years. The contest consists of 4 rounds where in each round, the 4 judges will each interact with two entities using a computer terminal. One of these entities will be a human ‘confederate’ and the other an AI system. After 25 minutes of questioning the judge must decide entity is the human and which is the AI. If a system can fool half the judges that it is human under these conditions, a Silver Medal and $25,000 will be awarded to the creator of that AI system. In the event that this doesn't happen, prizes will be awarded to the creators of the AI system as follows in accordance with judges’ ranked scores:

1st place - a bronze medal and $4000
2nd place - $1500
3rd place - $1000
4th place - $500

For more detailed information about the contest, including its history, please click here.


The top four entries from the pool of entries that conform to the entry specifications will be selected as follows. Each entry will be provided with a set of 20 questions in English in a similar format to previous competitions. The responses from each of the AI systems will be recorded for this question set and then assessed for how human their responses are. It is likely, but not guaranteed, that this will be carried out by an audience of staff and students at the University of Exeter. The top 4 entries from this process will be entered into the finals of the competition at Bletchley Park. The contest management’s decision on selection is final.

Contest Finals

The contest finals will take place at Bletchley Park, UK on Saturday 15th November 2014. The contest will consist of 4 rounds of judging as described above. The judges and confederates will use standard PCs and each AI will be run on a standard Windows PC, although entrants may provide their own hardware for their AI to run on with prior consultation with the contest management. Entrants and interested spectators are invited to attend the event, along with interested members of the print, radio, TV and film media.

Important Dates

Deadline for Entries: Friday 1st August 2014, 5pm (British Summer Time)
Announcement of Finalists: Week beginning 22nd September 2014
Contest Finals: Saturday 15th November 2014


Entry Submission

  • Only one entry per individual or team is permitted. Additional entries by an individual or team will be excluded.
  • Entrants retain all intellectual property rights over their entries to the contest.
  • Entries can be submitted by mail or electronically. Please see below for instructions for each:

Mail Submission

  • Entries must be received by 1st August to be counted
  • Entries should be made on a readily accessible media type (e.g. CD, DVD, memory stick). If you want to submit an entry on non-standard media, please get in touch before sending your entry
  • If you require your media to be returned then a self-addressed envelope with adequate postage should be included with your entry. We cannot guarantee to return media without this.
  • Entries by mail should also be accompanied by covering letter that includes the name and contact details (including e-mail and telephone if possible) of the creator.

Please mail your entry to:

Dr Ed Keedwell
College of Engineering, Maths and Computer Science
University of Exeter
North Park Road

Electronic Submission

Entries of up to 600Mb can be uploaded to the University of Exeter dropbox site.

Entry Specifications

  • Entries must run on Windows 7.
  • Entries can be zipped up using the standard windows zip program, but otherwise should be run by invoking a standard Windows executable or batch file.
  • Entries must be self-contained and not require installation of third party software or libraries.
  • Entries must interact with the published Loebner Prize Protocol (LPP).
  • On startup, entries should provide a mechanism for specifying a conversation folder as per the LPP (e.g. either through a dialog box or other similar mechanism).
  • Entries must not access the internet, no internet access will be provided during the selection process or contest finals.
  • Any entries that do not conform to the above specifications are at risk of being excluded.
  • Any entries that are found to contain viruses, worms, malware etc. will be excluded.
  • The contest management will have a very limited time to get each entry working. It is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure that their entry works with the above specifications.


If you have any queries regarding the contest, please e-mail Dr Ed Keedwell on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Contest Management 

The contest is managed on behalf of the AISB by Dr Ed Keedwell, Dr Nir Oren and Dr Bertie Muller in conjunction with Dr David Levy and Dr Hugh Loebner.