Newcastle UniversityThe AISB'07 convention will be held at Newcastle University


Newcastle and the surrounding cities such as Gateshead and Sunderland provide a large number of different types of accommodation. While there is not dedicated conference hotel, we advise people to look for a hotel either near the university or near a metro station. The convention will take place at Culture Lab, which is located at about 5 mins walking distance from Haymarket Metro Station. The Visit NewcastleGateshead web site provides an online booking service for local accommodation.


Newcastle is well connected through a local airport, port and roads. For detailed information about how to get here, please refer to the travel page on the Newcastle University web site. The convention will take place in Culture Lab, which is located at the main university site near the Haymarket Metro Station. The Metro system is the fastest means of travel within the urban area; a map can be found here.