AISB 2000: Time for AI and Society


Registration fees for AISB'00 will be as follows. There are registration categories for students, and for AISB members and non-members. Early registration is registration which is postmarked on or before 1st March 2000; late registration is registration which is postmarked thereafter. Early registration fees will not be accepted after the deadline.

Student registration must be accompanied by a copy of proof of status (e.g. matriculation or NUS card).

Non-Student Students
AISB member Not AISB member AISB member Not AISB member
Early£120£ 135£ 80£ 87
Late£ 135£ 145 £ 90£ 97
On-site£ 170£ 190£ 120£ 127

Registration includes:

AISB membership is available from the AISB webpage. Reduced registration rates for members are available if registrants who are not yet members include a copy of a membership application form with their registration.
UK£ 25 £ 15
Europe£ 28£ 19
Elsewhere£ 45£ 25

To register, print out and send the form plus payment to:

Dr. Mark Lee, AISB-00 Registration, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT

last modified 28th January 2000