Student Travel Awards

The AISB makes student travel grants available to its members. The awards are typically for a couple of hundred pounds and it is our preference to fund conference travel where a student is giving a presentation of some description. These awards are available to all students (i.e., undergraduate and postgraduate masters students as well as those studying for a PhD). We expect the topic of the conference to be relevant to Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science although obviously more general Computer Science conferences are also acceptable if the presented work is relevant to the society's areas of interest.

AISB Student Travel Award Recipients have their name and, where relevant, the title of the paper they presented listed on the AISB web site.


Student Travel Awards: Details

  • Student travel awards are usually limited to £400 maximum.
  • AISB generally sponsors only one student travel grant to any given Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science conference.
  • On request, we send out a student travel award letter that can be used as collateral for an institutional `loan' (e.g., university buying you the ticket).
  • The recipient must write a short article about their work suitable for publication in AISBQ within 3 months of the event, and send it to the Treasurer. (The article should ideally be written using LaTeX.). This article should be sent by email rather than hardcopy. In certain cases, the conference report can be substituted with a report on the student's research. The report should be approximately 700-1000 words.  It can be longer (up to, say, 1500 words) but should not be much if any shorter.
  • Once the conference report has been accepted by the AISBQ editor, the AISB treasurer transfers the award to a UK bank account or sends a cheque for the value of the student travel award.
  • The AISB greatly prefers to grant student travel awards to people who are giving a paper or publicly talking, rather than just attending a conference. We also prefer to grant student travel awards for travel to relevant conferences (i.e., those in the fields of Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science) or for presentations at more general Computer Science conferences where the subject of the presentation is relevant to Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science.
  • AISB does not offer travel awards for any AISB convention symposia or other AISB-organised events under its Travel Award scheme. However, at the discretion of the event organiser, there may be some student bursaries available. Please contact the event organiser for details.


How to apply for a Student Travel Grant

Please apply using our Online Student Travel Award Application Form.

Alternatively you may apply by sending an e-mail to travelawards (at aisb dot org dot uk), stating:

  • The Conference or Workshop you wish to attend including where and when it is held. If it is not immediately obvious that the conference is relevant to Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science we would appreciate some details of the conference. Any conference or workshop listed in one of our Weekly Bulletin is almost certainly relevant.
  • Whether presenting a paper and if so, some more info such as a title and abstract. Make sure we have enough information to confirm that the paper is relevant to Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science, in particular if the conference you are attending is a more general Computer Science conference.
  • How much you'd need in total and how much you'd like from AISB.
  • Whether any other money has been promised and what alternative sources you've tried or are trying.
  • Your AISB membership number.
  • Your email address.

This all helps in any arbitration process if we are over-subscribed.


Address for correspondence

Email: travelawards at aisb dot org dot uk